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Fireworks! and…Bacon?

Sir Francis Bacon and London copyThe earliest recorded use of gunpowder in England, and probably the western world, is by the Franciscan monk Roger Bacon. He was born in Ilminster in Somerset in 1214 and lived, as a master of languages, maths, optics and alchemy to 1294. He recorded his experiments with a mixture which was very inadequate by today’s standards but was recognizable as gunpowder. His formula was very low in saltpeter because there was no natural source available, but it contained the other two essential ingredients: charcoal and sulphur.

In 1242 he wrote:

…if you light it you will get thunder and lightening if you know the trick…

Fireworks as such probably arrived in the 14th century, brought back from the East by Crusaders, and they rapidly became a form of international entertainment. The first recorded fireworks in England were at the wedding of Henry VII in 1486. They became very popular during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Shakespeare mentions them and they were so much enjoyed by the Queen herself that she created a “Fire Master of England”. James II was so pleased with his coronation display that he knighted his firemaster. King Charles V as well had a great liking for fireworks. He had many ‘fireworkers’ in his staff. He celebrated all his victories with fireworks. Gradually the royal courts took up fireworks as a favorite form of celebrations and festivities. Fire Masters soon became a much sought after commodity.

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PyroFire Displays is a professional fireworks company with a different idea of what a fireworks display should be all about. It should be more than a show, it should be an entertainment experience.

PyroFire Displays, located in Southaven, MS, has been in the fireworks industry for 17 years. Our award winning technicians’ vast experience results in more colourful and entertaining displays at an economical price.Our technicians have been credited with designing many world-class shows at competitions, major celebrations, and annual events.

Our highly experienced staff of designers produce all aspects of the display in-house, including the musical soundtrack, show designs, and the construction of special effects. Our company specializes in corporate, festivals, parades, raceways, sporting,  touring, movies, and all aspects of private or commercial productions. No job is  too great or too small; from weddings to Olympic stadiums.

PyroFire will turn any event into a spectacular and memorable occasion.

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